Varamozhi Malayalam Editor

Varamozhi Malayalam Editor 1.08

Converts words and phrases from English to Malayalam
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Uses a built-in dictionary to transliterate English letters into the Malayalam language. The transliteration is instant as the user types.

Malayalam is the language spoken in Kerala, a southern India state. This program lets you transliterate words from English to the Malayalam alphabet in a very easy way.
The program's interface is rather simple. At startup, you can see a screen divided in two parts. In the left panel, you can write the word you want to transliterate. The Malayalam text will appear simultaneously in the right panel as you write. It is a very straightforward process. The program also opens a system window to support the interface. You can close it if you want since it will not affect the program's performance.

Please note that the program does not translate words from one language into another but only transliterates them, that is, it only transforms each English letter into its Malayalam equivalent. This difference is important, since transliterated words taken directly from the English language may not have a sense when written in Malayalam, and vice versa.

The program also installs the latest version of Keyman, a Malayan keyboard program; nevertheless, I had trouble using it so I limited my evaluation to the use of the common English keyboard.

If you are a language student or need a program to transliterate words from the English alphabet into Malayalam, then you may find this program useful.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Useful for transliteration of English alphabet into Malayalam
  • Adds a Malayalam virtual keyboard when installed


  • It has very specific uses
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